It was the early 60’s when the young brothers Nicolò and Michele Donato, after having finished the apprenticeship started their activity in vineyards ploughs production. Thanks to their meticulousness and desire to do well, they became very quickly the reference point of the local growers. As the years go by, they started industrial production of trimmers, grape loaders and post drivers for vineyards being pioneers of these machines in Sicilian market.

With the advent of the second generation, in 1995, a new company was created with the name DOLMEC, acronym of Donato Oleo Mechanic. In fact, in addiction to manufacturing vineyards machines the production included hydraulic components such as cylinders, hoses, hydraulic power units and fittings reselling with a big warehouse.

But important satisfactions arrived in 2002 when DOLMEC exposed machines and steel posts for vineyards at EIMA International Exhibition for the first time, where it had a notable success. The brand Dolmec crossed the national boundaries reaching European countries, American and Russian markets, where Dolmec’s products are really appreciate.

Continues studies, designing with modern software Cad-Cam and strict tests make Dolmec’s machines ever more efficient to become with Gps Post Driver the leading brand for best contractors in every countries.
Dolmec srl today is a highly qualified Company recognized at an international level. Day after day achieves objectives and markets thanks to a team of highly specialized people, and a technical departments for research and developments allowing it to make new machines in very short time never forgetting the best value for money.

The current production include steel post for vineyards, pre-pruners, trimmers, shoot removers, ploughs, disc harrows, highly efficient pole drivers and different types of wire unroller for vineyards trellising.

New machines are actually in design phase to satisfy the most demanding customers and lowering working hours for hectares.